Best 3 in 1 Pram Reviews And Ratings

One of the most common hassles experienced by mothers is how to safely transport a baby. Transporting a baby from A to B is not an easy job and requires the right tools if it is to be done properly. This article is designed to provide the best 3 in 1 pram reviews and ratings that should help people looking to buy the best 3 in 1 prams in UK.

1. Lux4Kids Q baro 3 in 1 pram Combi stroller

The Lux4kids Q Baro 3 in 1 Pram Combi stroller is one of the best baby prams 3 in 1 arrangement comprising: a car seat incl. adapter, a rain cover, swivel wheels and a mosquito net. This amalgamated 3 in 1 pram UK kit is a perfect partner for your kid. Its pushchair mode allows you to change the direction of your baby with ease and minimal energy. Here are detailed features of the product;

* It has a one-step brake for easy stoppage.

* Has a spacious shopping basket for convenient carriage

* Its swift release rear wheels allows easy removal of mud

* Appropriate from birth

* Has fore lockable swivel wheels

* Has a height adjustable pushchair knob

* Sturdy wheel and aluminum construction

Pros, cons and Rating

One of the most remarkable benefits of the Lux4kids Q baro 3 in 1 pram UK is its solid steel construction that enhances durability. This product is approved by the European Union and is a relatively cheap pram for the kind of value it provides. The height adjustable handle is convenient for changing height.

While this baby prams 3 in 1 is rated by most users with five stars, one user thinks its heavy and bulky chassis requires modification for easy transport. For this reason, the user rates the product with four stars. Nonetheless, she thinks the baby prams is great and worth a short.

2. Bergsteiger Venedig retro Combination Pram 3-in-1 system; car seat

If you know the importance of quality, you will appreciate the Bergsteiger Venedig Pram. The Pram is tailored with state of the art features that are rare to find. In fact, there are few baby prams UK in the same class as the Bergsteiger.

The Bergsteiger is a comprehensive pram that contains a car seat unit, a pushchair and a carrycot for your baby. The following are features of the Bergsteiger 3 in 1 prams Combination;

v Car Seat unit

v carrycot

v pushchair (buggy)

Benefits/ Pros

v Light weight

v Compact size

v High safety standards (Meet the European security standard EN1888)


The majority of the pram reviews UK for this 3 in 1 pram has given it 5 star. According to one reviewer, she would give a half extra star for the high brand value and reasonable cost of the Bergsteiger Venedig baby Pram. Nonetheless, she gives maximum rating of 5 stars to Bergsteiger for offering a rare chance.

3. Disney baby Pooh viper Trio Set pooh tidy

If you are a sporting family, you will love the Disney baby Viper. This baby pram usually comes with various designs for your choice and convenience. The Disney baby pram will offer a cozy and comfortable rest for your young one. From pushing your baby through the streets to driving with your baby in the car, the Disney Baby viper will always come in handy.

List of the Product’s features

v It has a handle bar to allow easy altering of height.

v Large wheels convenient for all sorts of terrain

v Has an extendable canopy with transparent windows

v It has swiveling wheels for increased agility

v Convenient for sporting families

Pros, cons and Rating

The benefits of using this travel system pram are awesome to say the least. Its swiveling wheels are perfect for all terrains. The Disney baby Viper`s transparent window allows you to monitor your baby closely as well as allowing the baby to experience the outer surrounding. Not forgetting to mention the convenience of the equipment especially for sporting and traveling families.

Although this baby prams 3 in 1 offers commendable transport for the young ones, some users still think the manufacturer needs to refine a few things. Just Lux4kids chair, the Disney model tends to be bulky especially when loading in the car. Nonetheless, if its 4 star rating from 33 reviews is anything to go by, the Disney viper belongs with the best 3 in 1 prams UK.

Any of the three 3 in 1 prams UK is recommended for their quality and value. The one to choose will depend on individual tastes and circumstances. Get your baby the best 3 in 1 pram for proper care and transport.