i-Safe System – Lil Friend Trio Travel System Pram & Luxury Stroller 3 in 1 Complete With Car Seat

Looking for an exclusive way to give your kids an ultimate comfort and relaxation? With high quality baby prams, then your wish will become a reality. This is a-must-have baby pram for all parents because it guarantees 100% satisfaction. An experience with i-safe system-Lil friend pram is that of definite comfort and safety. It combines sparkling luxury liner, boot cover, 5 point harness and a large storage basket to give you an excellent performance.

Exceptional Features

* Unique quality rubber inflatable wheels

* Luxury aluminium construction

* 12 months warranty

* Easy conversion to a full size carrycot

* Big luxury hood


* Sturdy and comfortable

* The luxury liner provides better comfort for a great sleeping and sitting mode

* Safeguards the baby with the protective unique boot cover

* Stunning and beautifully design

* Easy to control


* Scratch irresistance

Get an absolute result of a super baby pram with i-Safe System-Lil Friend Trio Travel System Pram. Customers’ feedback shows that this is an all-round perfect and solid pram.

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