Lux4Kids Magnum Pram & Pushchair (raincover, mosquito net, cup holder, changing pad) 03 Black & Black

        Description: The compact design is very handy to carry. The cloth material used in construction is polyester and high quality steel which ensures durability.


Features: The product can be used in two modes- Pram Mode and Buggy Mode. The company has designed the pram mode for new born babies, which you can easily detach from the stroller. Once the baby grows up the pram mode can be converted into a pushchair which company likes to call as BUGGY MODE.

Important features in buggy mode is that the seat can be adjusted to an angle of 175 degrees, five point security seat belt and foot rest which is completely adjustable. Additionally, you get soft carrier bag, mosquito net and baby changing bag, along with this product.

Pros & Cons: Hassle free assembly, lovely design and ultimate comfort to your baby makes it one of the best choice you can have in strollers. The company provide 6 months guarantee for the product. However company takes 3-5 weeks for the delivery of the product, where nobody loves to wait in this world anymore.

Verdict: This product is absolutely a wise decision to go for and the price of this product is very much cheaper compared to its quality and comfort level the user gets. So even though 3-5 weeks is a long wait, the competitive price and quality product makes it worth waiting for.


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